RSPCA criticised over Christchurch flood horses


The RSPCA has defended itself against criticism over actions taken at the weekend to rescue horses stranded by flood waters in Dorset, reports the BBC.

“People living near Christchurch said the animal charity was too slow to respond to protect the horses and its officers mismanaged the rescue.

They said a man was trampled and a second group of 19 ponies is still in danger from flood waters.

Photographer Chris Skone-Roberts set up a Facebook page highlighting concerns about the horses on Friday.

He said: “The behaviour of the RSPCA has been horrific. They didn’t rescue them until Saturday which was too late.

“They were swimming up to their chests in water.”

The RSPCA said it had been visiting the first group of wild horses in Christchurch daily since Christmas Eve and had advised the owner to move the animals, but legally were unable to act as they were being cared for and had access to dry land

It dispatched a 12-strong team of trained water rescue inspectors to the scene on Saturday and used a boat to rescue the cob ponies from deep water.”

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January 9, 2014 |

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