Purbeck expresses interest in sharing services with Christchurch and East Dorset councils


The approach from Purbeck District Council is an expression of interest in principle at the moment and will need to be considered by councillors of all three councils if it is to be taken further.

Christchurch Borough Council and East Dorset District Council started their Partnership in January 2011 and can therefore call on over two years’ intensive experience of sharing services on a wholesale basis. This will save a combined total approaching £2m and enable them to continue to deliver the services that local people need.

Last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review announcement from central government confirms future funding cuts for local authorities. Recent comments from government have confirmed that local councils will see further reductions in future years. On-going savings in council budgets will therefore need to be made.

A business case will be drafted to identify the advantages and disadvantages to all three councils in agreeing a new Partnership.
The Christchurch and East Dorset Partnership already has experience of working with a third local authority in the Stour Valley Partnership which provides Revenues and Benefits services to Christchurch Borough, East Dorset District and North Dorset District Councils. The Dorset Waste Partnership is another example of a number of Dorset councils working together to share a service.

Councillors of all three councils are likely to consider the business case and make a final decision on the Partnership in the early autumn.

July 2, 2013 |

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