David Cameron visits storm-hit Dorset


Prime Minister David Cameron has visited Dorset to see how organisations are working together to protect the community from the effects of severe weather over recent weeks.

David Cameron watched the Environment Agency and the Army Royal Engineers using equipment to replenish Chesil Bank, clearing drainage gulleys and reinforcing the bank with stone blocks.

He then visited the Cove House Inn at Chiswell, which has been pounded by high winds and enormous waves as storms battered the Dorset coast. The Environment Agency’s flood warning has sounded several times over the last six weeks to alert residents to a possible breach in the sea defences.

Dorset County Council’s highways team has been at full stretch dealing with record numbers of calls about issues on the highways. January 2014 saw over double the number of reports to the team (4031) than December 2013 (1894). And 1224 potholes were repaired in January compared with 354 in December.

February 12, 2014 |

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