Christchurch and East Dorset Partnership review tourist information


The Christchurch and East Dorset Partnership is reviewing the way it provides tourism information now and in the future.

The way potential visitors to the area look for information is changing to more online sources, and that has influenced the decisions that the Partnership is taking.

In Christchurch, the proposal is that the Council will no longer be involved in the running of the Information Centre. However, the provision of tourist information to visitors will in future be provided by volunteers at the Regent Centre, which is located next door to the Information Centre. Some building work would take place to integrate the Information Centre building into the Regent Centre. The Council will assist the Regent Centre in setting up the new service.

In East Dorset a similar opportunity for the Wimborne Tourist Information Centre is being explored for a third party to take over the service although there is nothing finalised at present. In the event that no other proposals are forthcoming, the Information Centre would close in November 2013.

It is proposed that other services currently run by the Tourism Departments at both Councils will be absorbed by other departments or outside organisations and the online presence for tourism would be enhanced.

Final decisions concerning proposals for the Information Centres will go before councillors in September.

February 25, 2014 |

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