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The Care for Christchurch campaign is being launched by Christchurch Borough Council, Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP), Christchurch Chamber of Trade & Commerce and Christchurch Police. There are five main parts to the campaign: take your litter home; pick up after your dog; report graffiti; report fly-tipping; and shop locally.

Statistics show that it costs £175,000 of council tax payers’ money to deal with litter in Christchurch every year. That’s money that could be used for other services if nobody dropped litter. Much of this cost is down to dealing with litter on major roads where expensive traffic management measures need to be put in place to collect it.

While most people already help by putting their litter in bins, most of that litter does not get recycled. The campaign asks people to take their recyclable litter home and recycle it in their kerbside collection. It also costs a lot of money to continually empty bins – if it didn’t have to be done so often, that would be a saving.

Most dog walkers pick up after their dogs wherever they are but dog fouling is still a problem. Anyone not picking up can face a fixed penalty of £75 or prosecution in the magistrates’ court, which could cost them a fine of up to £1,000. If people see someone habitually letting their dog do its business without picking it up, the campaign asks them to report it.

The Care for Christchurch campaign also covers fly-tipping and graffiti. If anyone sees either of these happening, they should report it so it can be cleared up and the culprits found. There was a spate of graffiti-painting in Christchurch last year and the perpetrators were found and made to clean it up. As part of the campaign, schools are getting involved so that anyone thinking of doing graffiti understands the effects it could have on others.

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