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Christchurch, like the rest of Dorset, has a temperate climate with a small variation in daily and annual temperatures. The presence of the Gulf Stream ensures that the British Isles maintain an all-year-round ambient temperature, and, because of its position on the south coast of England, Christchurch has slightly warmer winters and cooler summers than settlements further inland.

The warmest months in Christchurch are July and August, which have an average temperature range of 12 to 22 °C (54 to 72 °F), and the coolest months are January and February, which have a range of 2 to 8.3 °C (36 to 47 °F).[55] The average annual rainfall of 594.5 millimetres (23.41 in) is well below the UK average of 1,126 millimetres (44.3 in)

January 7, 2013 |
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